This is not a pleasant subject, but it is an important one for
anyone who truly desires ultimate health. Most people think
that there is no way they could have parasites, but they are
simply unaware of how widespread parasites are! This problem is
prevalent all over the world.

A conservative estimate is that 80% of people in North America and
Europe have parasites! Within the U.S., the problem is increasing
at an epidemic rate. The reason is that most people don't even
consider that parasites could be a problem.

There are more kinds of human parasites than there are people on
the earth! Nearly everyone has parasites of one kind or another.
We get them from uncooked fruit, vegetables, meat, etc., and also
from pets. Most parasites are microscopic and very difficult to detect.

Have you ever eaten fresh fruit, salads, or vegetables? Ever eaten at
a restaurant? Ever eaten at someone else's house where you did not see
how the food was prepared? Ever eat sushi? Ever put your finger in your mouth?
Ever traveled to a third world country? If your answer is "yes" to any of
these questions, chances are you have parasites!

Parasites can sap your strength and energy, live off the nutrients from
your food and even the very tissues of your body, and poison your body
with the toxins they secrete. Parasites drain the immune system and can
be the cause of many physical problems that the doctors cannot identify.
When a person tells me about a general run-down feeling, lack of energy,
and mysterious symptoms that the doctors can't identify, I immediately
think of parasites.

It would be a mistake to believe that any of us have somehow managed to
avoid getting parasites. All it would take would be just one little
parasite egg on a piece of fruit or salad, for a parasite to take up residence
and reproduce itself inside us!

Not even cooking kills all parasite eggs! Some parasites can survive extremely high temperatures.

No one is shielded from getting parasites. People who say they don't
believe they could possibly have parasites are like someone who has a
garden saying they don't believe any weeds will grow there! Both weeds
and parasites are everywhere. They are sneaky and tough.

We "worm" our pets and animals regularly. Shouldn't we at least take
precautions to do the same for ourselves? Is it worth taking a chance?

The Para-cleanse system gives us an easy way to kill parasites
and detoxify. It is safe and effective. Para-Cleanse contains natural herbal
and amino acid detoxifiers.

Use 1 bottle every 3-4 months. We don't take Paracleanse as an everyday
supplement - only about 4 times a year which breaks the life cycle of the

Do not be surprised if after about a week, you see some nasty things come
out! If you really want to be sure what is happening, you must break your
stool apart and see what is inside. Otherwise, you may not see anything
and if you do see something, it surely won't be everything!

I have an acquaintance, a respected young businesswoman, who was shocked
when she passed numerous worms including a tapeworm! In fact, she wound
up taking more than the recommended amount of Paracleanse initially because
she was still passing worms when she finished her second bottle.

Toxic Accumulations
The digestive tract of nearly every adult is burdened with a lifetime of
accumulation of toxic waste materials. Most adults have a residue
accumulating in the digestive tract. It is normal for a person to have
up to 5 pounds of waste matter in their intestines. However, many people
have much more than that, especially if they have problems with

We also are exposed to toxic metals from aluminum cans, cosmetics,
deodorants, and some over-the-counter drugs. Metals in the body can contribute to a
number of health problems including heart disease and Alzheimer's.

The solution is to detoxify. That is where good health begins. Para Cleanse will get you on the road to excellent health.